Sunday, April 11, 2010


Over at Absolute Write's YA Blogroll, they do Teaser Tuesdays. So, I wanted to share a passage from my current WIP. It's short like me. Enjoy.

Orla eyed her friend with a piercing stare. She wouldn’t be satisfied until every last detail was out. “OK, spill it Katie girl. I can tell when you’re holding back.” She wiped her cheek, leaving a swatch of mud.

Kate said, “Well…there is someone I met this weekend.” Her mouth betrayed her by turning into a smile. “The Texas guy––the one who beat off the mugger––with the Ninja skills and nice smile.”

Orla oohed, and her brown eyes opened wide. “What’s he like? Is he an Aries?”
Without waiting for an explanation, she launched into one of her rants. “I bet he’s cocky as hell, coming from Texas an’ all–I hear everyone has guns there–is he from Dallas? Oooh, I bet he’s stinking rich.”

Kate opened her mouth to answer, but Orla was on a roll.

“Did he ask for your mobile number?” Oh, my god, Kate, you can’t be losing that phone now, like you always do. And why is he in Ireland, anyway?”

Kate held up her hands, palms out. “Slow down Orla. You’ll get a hemorrhage.” She did like the sound of Cash’s voice and she really liked sitting close to him in Taaffe’s. It gave her a tingly feeling. Like magic, she thought. But he sure hadn’t let out too much personal information. “And no, he didn’t ask for my number.”

Orla’s face collapsed into a tragedy mask.

Before she could speak again, Kate finished her admission. “But his buddy Jimmy did.” She gave Orla a stern look. “I’m not entirely devoid of flirting skills.”

Her friend shook her head, sending her wispy hair flying. “That’s genius, it is. Now get busy and send him a flirty text.”

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