Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dream, Durn it!

Suzette at QueryTracker.net has a great article on how our dreams can turn into the best fodder for novels.

Some tips--
* Stay half-awake for a few moments longer. Keep your eyes closed; think about yr dream
* Keep a dream journal and write those dreams down. Even a few details helps
* Don't be afraid to look for deeper meaning and answers to your problems in your dreams.
* Try to expand the same dream story. If you're at a plot impasse, think of it before sleep--you might be surprised when you wake with more material or a solution.

* Power naps inspire and invigorate!

To find out why it works, click the link, dream big, and let the magic of your own creative power come to you as you sleep.

Here's the link. Just sign up (FOR FREE), then subscribe to the emails, which are super informative.

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