Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My daughter Won't Read my YA novel

Yeah, it's a bummer when your family isn't interested in your work. But, don't freak out. Why? Because you should choose carefully with whom you share your work.

I'm not worried. Here's why:
First, although she's the target age, my daughter doesn't care about Fantasy. Second, she's been encouraging about my writing. Third, I belong to a great forum group, YALITCHAT.

I get feedback that is extremely helpful by other would-be authors. There's even a scene workshop. This fits my long-term goal of sharpening my novel without getting crushed.

Other things to consider:
* Even though you can't wait to send out your MS, check and recheck your query and first pages. I made the mistake of sending my (bad) First pages to Top Agents on my list.

* Some agents might like your concept, but their list is full. This was the case for several agents who responded kindly to my queries. They just had too many Paranormal projects. Others were only interested in Steam Punk.

* Keep up with your genre by critting others' work.

Good luck!

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