Monday, February 28, 2011

Write the best Pitch

I am once again rewriting my plot for a conference in Austin. A quick pitch is essential, and I found some fun advice from

Here are the winners from a pitch contest.

3rd Place:
Danny Bryan - On their way to happily ever after, the Princess Detectives must first contend with a mysterious death, an impossible jewel heist, multiple kidnappings, a very inconvenient poisoning, and a jester's truly horrific jokes.

2nd Place:
Jocelyn Rish - After the body she discovers in the woods disappears, seventeen-year-old Breanna must prove it was not the product of her notorious overactive imagination, but rather the handiwork of a killer who plans to silence her.

1st Place:
Leanna Weissmann - Sixteen-year-old Lily McPherson is skating for Olympic gold - on a pair of skates she shoplifted from Robinson's Supercenter, the store where her cop father died during a shoot out.

Grand Prize:
Katie Anderson - When you look into someone's eyes, you see his soul, but when sixteen year old Emerson Taylor kisses their lips, she sees their pasts.

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