Friday, November 6, 2015

The Payoff

The On the Block auction/contest went live today, and I was one of the twenty-four winners. (Thanks, Authoress for hosting this!)

Today we critiqued each others' submissions of Logline and First 250. All the entries were well written. There are some really good ones on there, but also many with the same flaw:
Not delivering on the promise of the Logline summary.

Yep, after describing a killer concept, the first paragraphs consisted of what seemed like a totally different story.

 It really shocked me that writers would abandon their MC to tell about a secondary character, or show a more mundane scene than the exciting one in their blurbs.

This is not a fatal flaw, and can be fixed.

It made me scan my First Pages for anything that didn't prop up my MC's goals and IMs.

Now, if I can just stop writing those darn redundant sentences, I might be agent ready!

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