Friday, May 27, 2016

Emotional setbacks

As writers, we are affected by life's curve balls. I've been dealing with one all month. But, there's good news if we have the right attitude. Here are some ways to move on that might help writers and guidelines for writing true-to-life characters.

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1. Accept That This Blow Is Real And Not Going Anywhere

One of the first phases of dealing with a setback is denial. However, the first step towards overcoming your shock is accepting the fact that it has begun.
It may help to remember that everyone has these moments in their lives. Understanding the fact that this setback is unavoidable and inevitable for everyone can help you rest a little easier. At one point in time, everyone will have a jolt of his or her own. Now is just the time for yours.
Change is a part of our world. Accept the fact that this change is inevitable. In fact, you should accept that change is a good thing.

2. Do Not Blame Anyone Or Anything

It is easy to blame others. Perhaps you feel as though you are sick because you have worked too much, or your family has not done enough for you. Perhaps you blame yourself for various reasons.
Understand that no one is to blame for this setback. Everyone experiences them, and it is possible to overcome them as long as you are not filled with anger. Pointing the finger and placing blame on others only deters your energy from focusing on what will help you. Inner peace and positivity help overcome a trauma, not anger and hatred.

3. Give Your Spiritual Side A Try

Spirituality helps to relieve stress and providing support when you need it the most. Sometimes, we feel as though we are not strong enough to get through these trials and tribulations.
Regardless of your choice in faith, spirituality provides you with many different positive things. First and foremost, faith gives you a light at the end of the tunnel. The concept of knowing and acknowledging that someone or something has a plan for you will help keep you grounded with your head up.
In addition, faith provides us with the reminder that we are one of millions on this earth and for a short time. We all have a purpose, and it is your intended purpose to overcome this setback.

4. Do Not Expect It To Be Quick

Wounds and broken bones require time to heal. And, our setbacks are no different. We need the proper amount of time to overcome whatever is holding us back.
Our advice is to focus on the positive and happy things going on around you. Think about your family and the delightful memories you have. Remind yourself that this disturbance will eventually end. And, when it does you will be exactly where you want to be in your life.

5. Broaden Your Horizons

Disappointments are the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself.
Recognize that blows are not causing you to be a martyr. Rather, they are simply a bump in the road and they will be overcome with the right attitude. Be open to a new mindset. And, do not be afraid to change or reinvent the wheel so to speak.

6. Be Sure To Reflect

It is important, for a few different reasons, to reflect inwardly wherever possible. First and foremost, it is helpful to reflect as it will help you understand that this is not the end of the world.
Perhaps there are some things that you could have done differently. Such as manage your time more wisely, take matters into your own hands, or always double check your work. Regardless of the knockback, we guarantee that there is at least one lesson to be learned in there somewhere.

7. Talk it Out

Finding a confidant or person with whom you can express all of your emotions is very important for your mental and emotional health. Arguably, one person’s setbacks may not be relatable to another.
But, there are definitely people within your life who would love to help you through your setback. They may not understand the direness of the situation from your perspective, but they can help you in a multitude of different ways.

8. Educate Others

What good would your jolt be if you did not help others avoid the same situation? Use your setback as a way to help others. You can write about your experiences in a book, which can be sold or simply given out for free at certain functions.

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