Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Tweeter extraordinaire Chris Brogan uses Nudgemail. You can remind yourself that need following up, then delete or archive email that you were using to remind yourself to get things done. What do you think??

Nudgemail is an email reminder system. There’s nothing to install. Simply, you lob an email to an address @nudgemail.com, and it spits back whatever you sent it on whatever date and time you ask for it. So, if I want to remind myself to send Dan Zarrella a quote for his new book, I just enter “thu@nudgemail.com” and the system sends me an email on Thursday. If I want to get something back on a specific date, I enter the full date @nudgemail.com. If I want something commonsense, like “noon,” I enter “noon@nudgemail.com.”

I can even do “nextweek@ , nextmonth@, nextyear@” which is pretty nifty, eh?


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